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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brian Coffey :The Face of Fear

Usually, I stick to more modern, or current novels, but I found this novel at a thrift store in Downtown Riverside with a close friend of mine, Paola. First of all, I found the title rather intriguing. The Face of Fear. Although my copy of the book did not have a cover, the title was obviously enough for me to obtain it, and then read it. I have to say, the introduction was a great hook, opening up with action and suspense. Though out the novel, Coffey did an excellent job keeping me on the edge of my seat! 
Unlike many novels of suspense, The Face of Fear has a unique, non-cliche plot. Told in third person, the main characters are all inter connected and make every single part of the story even more interesting and whole. I have to admit, the killer in the story, known as the Butcher, is one of my all time favorite characters. He is not only witty and clever, but he contains an almost emotionless, calm quality that makes him unpredictable and even more suspenseful. I usually am not attracted to the killer of any suspenseful novel, but this character is an exception!
Coffey does an excellent job keeping his audience interested and literally on the edge of their seat through out most of the novel. This may be my favorite novel of suspense and like all other books on this blog, I most definitely recommend The Face of Fear to any reader interested in a more older yet, well written and intriguing  novel. 

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