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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Praise to High Fidelity

Not too long ago, a good friend of mine, Alfonso, recommended and lent me this novel, High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. I have to admit , I was a bit skeptical to the quality of this book, due to the strange cover as you can see above.Being the reading fanatic I am, I did not hesitate to read the first few chapters. Reading chapter one was all it took for Hornby to wrap my mind with his unique and sarcastic writing style like prey to a starving snake.

This work of fiction really portrays the reality of the "ups and downs" that come with every relationship, capturing the childishness of adult lives. This novel really displays the manner in which men think and function. Rob is your typically guy now a days, and makes decisions that are not always beneficial to anyone but himself; despite this fact, he makes an effort to care for the few that he loves. This book is set in London, and I found their slang so fascinating, and I found it humorous as to how many times they say bollocks! 

I truly recommend reading this novel, especially if you're looking for a good laugh throughout the whole book. You will find yourself admiring and despising Rob! I laughed with every word on each page and found myself realizing how close to reality Hornby made this novel! Please do not hesitate to read!

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