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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Even Better Hunger Games Trailer! :D

I have found an even better trailer than my last post.. it is absolutely an amazing preview of what the movie will be like. Although I did not imagine Peeta like the actor from Zathura,Josh Hutcherson, this trailer does a wonderful job displaying the main idea of the novel. I am extremely excited to watch this movie.. So excited. 

I'm a little afraid though, that many of the viewers will have not read the book beforehand and the Hunger Games will only become like the Twilight Series, or Harry Potter. A part of me wishes the movie does not come out so that it will stay significant and is only praised by those who truly read and loved the trilogy. Despite this fact, I am extremely enthusiastic about this preview and I have to say, the director did a good job capturing the details in the book. 

More on the Movie and Book! Stay tuned!

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