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Saturday, November 12, 2011


One of my all time favorite books, a National Book Award Finalist, and winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize is Feed by M.T. Anderson. If you are a big fan of teen fiction or science fiction, this is a must-read book!  From Anderson's view of how our society will end up, this futuristic world where most people have computer implants in their heads to control their environment is created. 

Titus, the narrator, is a unique character with an unforgettable, ironically funny voice. He has always had the "feed", a direct connection to the internet, ideal to serve the needs for those living this futurist attempt of a utopia. Although the "feed" is convenient, you will read how easy it becomes to depend of it and it's creator. Find out how Titus his encounter with an unusual girl with a serious problem changes his life for ever. 

I personally recommend this novel without reservation. Anderson has a unique and amusing writing style that will capture every image of this futurist world and display it so vividly, you will find yourself, as I did myself, unable to put this book down until I reached the end. 

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